Step 1

Click on ‘Get Maargah’ on this page. Fill up the form and click on submit button. Once you complete your sign up, start using your Free Trial Offer.

Step 2

Now, check your email inbox, you must receive a mail with your admin login credentials and link to dashboard.

step 3

Open the dashboard link, and login to your admin panel with details sent to you in mail.

Step 4

To begin, click on 'Employees' tab as shown above, and start adding your employees.

Step 5

Once you fill up the 'Add Employee' form, click on 'Confirm'.

Step 6

Once added, you can view the newly added employee in your employee listing with details. You can EDIT/DELETE or Restore the account with just a click.

Step 7

Your newly added employee receive a mail with his login details as shown in right side , and links to iTunes/Playstore to download the app.

Step 8

Your employee will download the app from iTunes/Playstore as shown in left side.

Step 9

Once downloaded, your employee will activate his account using the login details sent to him in email. Remember this is a one time activation and once employee activates his account, no other person can activate this account on his device until you restore the account from admin panel.

Step 10

Once activated, your employee will see his dashboard. A helpbook is available for your employee on top left corner to understand the app. It has total 8 modules for employee with which they can keep in contact with admin, and admin can keep an eye on field staff on the move.