Employee Location Tracking

With Maargah, you can track employee location in real time. You can also view the entire geographical history of the locations your employee has visited for a selected period of time through a map in admin panel. This function doesn’t violate their privacy as it is only active during the working hours.

Clients Management

This feature is intended for the employees, in order to facilitate adding of new clients to their lists with all their details, such as street address, Email Address, Phone number, and name. Your employees can view the list of existing clients at any time along with their contact details, fetching existing data from the server database. The app incorporates a call button which enables an employee to make phone calls to clients from within the app itself. This helps to keep business contact separate from the personal contacts, which are stored inside the mobile device. When employee will reach near by the location of client, app will show notification to employee about client by location tracking. There will be less chances of mistakes, as human is a statue of mistakes but technology is not. It will grow productivity and also employee management relationship.

Employee Timesheet

Do you wonder about the low productivity of your employees? Maargah allows you to keep an eye on the time spent by your employees on the job. This helps to monitor the efforts invested on the job by the employee and can be viewed on the admin panel. For staff time tracking, online timesheets are also available but it is difficult to handle them for all employees. Whereas Maargah serves several features along with time tracking and recording working hours.

Order Management

This feature allows employees and managers to view existing orders or add new orders. To add a new order, the user can simply select the product given using the drop down menu, input the quantity (the prices are set automatically), and the app will calculate the total amount of the order after applying any discounts. The app then displays the net amount of the current new order and the number of items added. Users can also see the list of their existing orders with details such as order status and client name. With field management software, complete procedure will be done online and the speed of service increases which automatically improve the growth of both employee and organisation. Maargah is a cheap and best management software providing all features in a single software.


Expense Tracking

Expenditure module offers the right tools to employees to claim the expenses that should have even billed to the company. By simply clicking the green plus sign in the expense tab, your employees can take a snapshot of the invoice with the inbuilt camera of their phones and enter the associated bill and description for each. The current location will be stored by employee location tracking. This information is then sent to the admin panel, along with the time of submission and the employee location. This feature is only activated when the employee is on the job. The intent of Maargah is to encourage employees to submit the expense at the time of the transaction, so that the admin can garner the correct Employee GPS location where the expense was incurred, and verify the expense as legitimate. Employees can also view their claimed expenses with the date and status of the expense (Under Review, Approved, and Disapproved). Admin can also download the expenses report in excel and PDF formats.


Digital Product Catalogue

Each time a new product is launched, a company has to invest in printing catalogues to elucidate its features and benefits. To help companies alleviate the expenditure of printing catalogues and brochures, Maargah introduces digital printing to help ease the cost and time depleted in printing. With Maargah, all you have to do is to upload, publish, and edit products at the drop of a dime with a few touches of the screen, and you have yourself a savvy digital catalogue. Customers can view and buy products online and sale team can manage field employees and schedule services online.



This feature enables employees to select the client name, click image of a damaged product, scan barcode (optional) and write a description about the complaint and submit it. The admin will get a notification as soon as the complaint is registered, and will be able to settle the claim sooner than later after receiving an image of the damaged product. The ability to handle complaints in real time and respond efficiently helps augment the reputation of your brand and seeks to retain customers. Satisfy customers by solving complaints using Maargah to improve and manage employee relationship.


Task Management

This feature is solely intended for the use of the manager and the admin. When a manager wishes to assign a task to field employees, they are faced with the dilemma of calling each employee separately to get the message across. Those problems are a history with Maargah. All the admin has to do is simply write the task out from the admin panel, hit the send button, and that task is sent to the employee in question who gets a push notification alerting him of the task at hand. The admin can also assign reporting manager to field employees, who can assign tasks to their team members. Using this feature, users are not only able to comment on the tasks assigned to them by the admin, but also view the comments of their colleagues on that particular task. This service management software boosts the efficiency and productivity of that task and keeps everyone alert on the happenings on all fronts. It is a task and employee management software which is developed by keeping in mind all the problems faced by managers.