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About Us


Who We Are

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in software development, sales and management, design and digital strategy. With Maargah, we made a commitment to solve some of the problems in which we faced in our constant struggle in managing our own sales team. We believe that managing sales teams and field employees shouldn’t be rocket science but an exact science. We have dedicated ourselves to promoting healthier relationships between management and employees. Companies who provide field services can use Maargah for employee management and service scheduling.

Our Culture

At Maargah, we value all backgrounds. We value all personalities. We value people and all of the incredible qualities that make them unique. We're against politics here at Maargah, meaning we want everyone to have an equal voice and have the confidence to speak up when they have an idea or when they feel something isn't right. We only hire those who uphold our core values and strive to create a "no jerks" atmosphere.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between admin and employee and to give small business the tool they need to protect their bottom-line so that scaling is possible.

Our Team


Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu sharma is a mobile applications developer with a no nonsense approach to solving some of the most sophisticated problems in which the industry has to offer. To his credits he has more then 60+ app that he has successfully created. Most notable was “Team Berry” which was created in 2012 to help companies keep track of inventory as well as manage a streaming of products.


Donnell McCaskill

Donnell McCaskill is Chief digital strategist. He has been doing online marketing since 2013. And is responsible for overseeing a number of projects including, PicFrame, VideoTextGram and a few others. He has an AS in Marketing from B.M.C.C . Known as our 'Motivational Speaker' , when team is down, he jumps in and brings back the spirit we need to deliver the best. He is like a fuel , which runs the team.


Kavya Arora

Kavya Arora is an Android Developer who has been with team Pixtara since 2014 after graduation in Information Technology. Since then, she has developed games for android as well as social media apps. She got an alias in team 'Lone wolf' because of her dedication and handling every project alone. In two year's time she hit the milestone for more than 12+ apps on store.


Prabhjit Singh

Prabhjit Singh is a Graphic Designer with 2 years’ experience and a MCA which was achieved in 2014. Since then he has done print media, graphics design, game design as well as digital mastering for Team Pixatra. He is a 'Silent admirer' , who has a artistry to design any thing possible. He designed more than 150+ websites, 20+ apps, and games in his career. And the journey goes on...