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An Employee tracking software, that allows you to keep an eye on the activities of your employees, facilitates communication with and amongst on field employees, and tracks your employee’s daily cumulative travel, and permits employees to enter the daily expenses along with the screen shots of the receipts of payments incurred by the employee on the job, schedule services, track employee location and keep information about their clients updated, is an ideal mechanism for all organizations having field staff. Employee management software increases your productivity and helps in the growth of both employee and organization.


Finally, the field staff CRM you've been waiting for!
All the features you need without the fluff

Employee Location Tracking

This feature allows you to track real time geo location of your employees in. You can also view the entire geographical history of the locations your employee has visited. There is no violation of employee privacy as it tracks employee location only during working hours. There is no violation of employee privacy.


Employee Timesheet

This feature allows you to keep an eye on the time spent by your employees on the job. This employee time tracking helps to monitor the efforts invested on the job by the employee and can be viewed on the admin panel. You can manage field force efficiently by recording their time and location. Employee time tracking staff’s performance will boost up automatically.


Clients Management

This feature is intended for the employees, in order to facilitate adding of new clients to their lists with all their details, such as street address, Email Address, Phone number, name etc. The app incorporates a call button which enables an employee to make phone calls to clients from within the app itself. By this, client - employee relationship management will become more effective and employee can track location of client if needed.


Expense Tracking

This feature offers the right management software and marketing automation to employees to claim any expenses they might have incurred while in the field. You will become aware of fake expenses and field force will be more productive.


Digital Product Catalogue

This makes product cataloguing a piece of cake. To help companies alleviate the expenditure of printing catalogues and brochures, Maargah introduces digital catalogues to help ease the cost and time depleted in printing. Your field staff will become real time, which in turn lets you monitor field services.


Task Management

This feature is solely intended for the use of the manager and the admin. All the admin has to do is simply write the task out from the admin panel, hit the send button, and that task is sent to the employee in question who gets a push notification alerting him of the task at hand. And if you provide home services, field service scheduling can be done online and cost-effective with field force management software.



This feature of field management software enables employees to select the client name, click image of a damaged product, scan barcode (optional) and write a description about the complaint and submit it. By this, you can make your customers satisfied.


Order Management

This feature allows employees and managers to view existing orders or add new orders. The app then displays the net amount of the current new order and the number of items added. Users can also see the list of their existing orders with details such as order status and client name. Field force scheduling will be more energy-saving.

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Mobile apps are available for employees on both google play store and iTunes. After adding employees from dashboard, an email will be send to your employees on registered email id with a link to download app. Also, login credentials will be send and you will be notified when employee activate his account.

  • Employee Location Tracking

  • Employee Timesheet

  • Clients Management

  • Expense Tracking

  • Digital Product Catalogue

  • Task Management

  • Complaints

  • Order Management


Field Staff + Maargah = Easy Management!
Meet your new Smart , easy-to-use Dashboard
Field Staff Management

Your new dashboard allows you to keep an eye on your employees on field, receive orders in real time, assign tasks to field employees in real time, receive complaints , verify expenses claimed by employees, access your client database and much more. Control your field staff from your computer or tablet on the move. What else? your data is secured with two-way security of SSL and Sitelock.

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